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    Alex Mandossian - Stick Strategy Secrets


    Discover the Fastest, Easiest, Most Enjoyable Ways to Generate Repeat Business,
    Win Referrals, and Increase Your Revenue and Profits

    Put your lead-generation on auto-pilot … and attract better-qualified prospects
    Break through email clutter and pre-qualify potential customers
    Reduce refunds, keep more clients and boost client lifetime value
    Effortlessly build credibility and trust with skeptical buyers
    Generate more word-of-mouth and direct referrals
    Find world-class vendors … and leverage them for more business

    7 Ways You’ll Benefit

    When you’re armed with Stick Strategy Secrets, you’ll know how to:

    Turn your first-time buyers into lifetime customers. The father of direct mail, Dick Benson, found that if you can get a second sale out of your customers, you can count on them to be worth 3X as much to you over the course of their lifetime.
    Transform your business into money machine. Stick strategies give you the ability to quickly and robotically respond to the purchasing actions of your customers. You won’t have to stand around waiting for orders to magically appear. Stick strategies let you take a “proactive approach” that automatically guides customers down the purchasing path that you’ve already paved for them.
    Fatten the bottom-line of all your products/services! The cost of acquiring a customer for the second sale is ZERO. You already have them! Which means that you are operating at pure profit with your existing customers. The second, third, and fourth sales all go directly into your pocket.
    Generate referral business … and save on marketing costs. Referred customers are the best type to have – they come pre-qualified and usually are eager to buy. One entire section of Stick Strategy Secrets™ focuses on how you can generate more referral business.
    Instantly gain a HUGE competitive advantage. It doesn’t matter if you’re up against one, ten, or even 100 competitors. I guarantee you that none of them are using these stick strategies. The simple fact is … most business owners don’t understand the critical nature of stick strategies.
    Save money. Most of these stick strategies are inexpensive to implement. Some are absolutely free!
    Increase productivity. If you’re like most business owners, you want to devote your time to the activities that produce revenue. The good news is that Stick Strategy Secrets™ allows you to put your customer follow-up on autopilot. So you can invest your time in activities that increase revenue.

    Make Your Entire Marketing and Customer Service Process “Sticky”

    Stick Strategy Secrets is a 6-module training program. When you enroll, you’ll get instant access to all training materials. Take a look at some of the powerful lessons and strategies you’ll learn in each module.

    Module 1: No-Staff Selling System & Automatic Lead Generation
    Talking to prospects can quickly hog up hours of your day, particularly if you have to spend time educating prospects about what you do and answering the same questions time after time.

    During this module, you’ll learn strategies to educate and pre-qualify customers using 16 different automated tools. End result? You’ll have more time to take care of paying customers.

    Module 2: Fax-Voice Broadcasting & Proven Script Templates
    Faxes and voice broadcasts (pre-recorded messages) are powerful – yet often overlooked – marketing tools. During this module, you’ll discover 30 different ways to use fax and voice broadcasts to promote to and pre-qualify prospects, as well as how voice broadcasting differs wildly from the more common (and annoying) auto-dialed telemarketing.

    Not sure you want to use fax or voice broadcasting? No worries (though we think you might change your mind after going through this module)! You’ll learn how to adapt the specific strategies we teach to other media if you choose.

    Module 3: Client Bond-Builders and Snail Mailing for Dollars
    Your customers face dozens of choices when it comes to selecting the products and services you provide. During this session, you’ll discover 24 top-secret strategies for bonding with your clients using direct mail. You’ll not only be their #1 choice … they’ll be more likely to refer friends and colleagues to you, too.

    Module 4: The Social Proof System for MORE Sales & Profits
    When customers are uncertain, they look to the people and environment around them for clues about how to feel and act. This is called “social proof.” During this module, you’ll discover ways to employ social proof to gain credibility and trust with prospects and clients. The best part? All 36 tactics can be put on auto-pilot.

    Module 5: Referral Maximization & PR Money Machine Secrets
    Most business owners focus on marketing and prospecting when they want new clients. Savvy entrepreneurs like you focus instead on generating more referrals. During this session, you’ll discover 24 tested tactics to generate more referrals … none of which require you to pick up the phone and ask.

    Module 6: Direct-Response Networking for Dollars (Turning Pro)
    Vendors are the #1 source of hyper-qualified, pre-sold prospects. Discover the 12 key attributes to look for when selecting vendors … and how to automatically monetize the professional relationships you make.

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